Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Girl Bed

I am so proud of Ella.  With the new baby coming soon we wanted to transition her to a big girl bed.  She is doing it!  She has been sleeping there for about a week and doing good.  Yeah Ella!  I am just about 33 weeks and this little one is going to be here before you know it.  

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yeah I know I haven't posted in a while....

A lot has happened since the last time I posted.  I just wanted to take a break and try to figure some things out.  We found out that we are having a girl......her name will be announced after she is born.  The kids are keeping us crazy.  Drew is fully potty trained.....yeah Drew!  He is excited for the baby and is always asking about her.  Ella has hit the tantrum stage.  Gotta love that.  She will throw herself on the ground.  She's still a sweet cuddly girl though.  I am looking forward to having this little one.  I have not been feeling well lately for some strange reason.  I have been feeling like I have the stomach flu on and off for the past 3 weeks.  It makes me feel like a bad mom.  I just don't have the energy or feel well enough to give my kids 100%.  I know that this will be our last baby and I am looking forward to giving my kiddos a lot more attention that they deserve.  I have another ultrasound in a couple weeks....because I have placenta previa.  I am praying that it moves out of the way so I don't have to have a c-section.  Ugh I suppose the kiddos are in's clean up time.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We had a nice little halloween here. The kiddos enjoyed trick or treating. Drew went as Thomas the train and Ella went as a witch. The bad thing is we have sooooo much candy. I got a kick out of watching Drew. He would go to the door and say I'm Thomas.....and ask for more candy....little candy hog. He had to make sure that Ella got some too. Ella enjoyed trick or treating.......but once you hit her bedtime....she really does turn into a little witch.....not really but you get the picture.
I have been having the hardest time finding Drew some fall/winter clothes. I tried Old Navy, Target, The Children's Place. I don't do Walmart because they make their clothes so cheaply. Well I ended up ordering some cute clothes from Crazy 8. ( They are a sister company of Gymboree and they have some really cute clothes there. It was free shipping for trying them out. So I guess we will see.
I have one more day off before I go back to work on Friday and I have so much to do. Cleaning the house is a neverending process here.
Oh yeah big news.....we find out the sex of the baby on November 20th......hmmm I'm thinking a boy. I guess we will see if my motherly instincts are right!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


So I had a doctor appointment on Monday and everything looked good. Baby's heart rate was 150. In 4 weeks we should be able to find out the sex. So of course a couple days after my appointment I start bleeding and cramping.....again. I am just about 15 weeks. I'm ready for the bleeding to be completely done with. I haven't had any for a month. My placenta is low lying so that's what the doctor thinks is causing it. I forced myself to take it easy today. That is a hard thing to do with Ella and Drew. For about 30 minutes I had them cuddling on the couch with me while we watched Blue's Clues. I think Ella likes all the music in that show. She loves music. She just dances and claps. Even to the clean up song. Speaking of clean up the in laws are coming over for supper so you know what that means......

Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Bargains....yeah!

I swear I should turn this into a bargain blog. I ended up getting a ton of pants and skirts for Ella at the Children's place for $2.99 each. And they are absolutely cute. I bought some and listed them on ebay. I really haven't listed any clothes on ebay so I thought I would give it a try. Drew was my little shopping partner today. He didn't enjoy it very much. He's a boy who would rather be diving off of furniture then helping mommy shop. I bribed him for a little bit with a caramel apple. Drew is a particular child. He has always had to have things a certain way. He has to be tucked in a certain way. His b first and then his remaining blankets. He has to have the door open and he always has to have a kiss and hug. If you forget he will remind you. You can't say put this in the garbage. He will correct you and say no mommy trash. That's because that is what daddy calls it. He is a neat kid. He doesn't really get Ella (that's why I had to buy inexpensive clothes for her). He doesn't like his hands dirty. He is a daredevil/sweetheart twirled into one. He is a good big brother....but when you are not watching he is trying wrestling moves on Ella. Yesterday I took them to see some animals at a local feed store and on the way home they were holding hands in the backseat. He is going to be a protector of his little sister.
Ella is getting quite the personality. If something doesn't go here way she lets out a high pitched girly scream. She is a sweetheart. If you tell her no....she will give you a kiss. She already knows how to pull heart strings. Today while I was trying to clean Ella was watching Blue's Clues.....she loves that show.
Ahhh....I have shows to watch. Grey's and ER. My Thursday night highlights! I work this whole weekend. Hopefully it will be sane. It's been so crazy there lately. Last weekend I took care of four babies that took were screamers. It was nice having a chunk of time off after taking care of them.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I love Bargains!

Oh I'm so excited.....I ended up ordering Ella some long sleeve shirts from and ended up getting 16 shirts for $27.00 including shipping and they are shipped. I think it was some glitch in the system.....they came up at $1.25 a shirt and then an hour later I tried to add some more to the cart and they came up at $3.75.
Drew was a little handful today. It was one of those I don't want to listen to my mommy I'm going to whine all day days. I'm going to get him out of the house tomorrow and see if that helps a little. I really need to get out there and get him interacting with other kids.
Ella took two big naps today and also went to bed at a decent time. Ella spends her days trying to figure things out. She loves to color. Today she grabbed a coloring book and crayons and pulled herself up on my lap. We were going through the book and I pointed to the dog and she started pretending to bark. I taught her how to give high fives and she just loves that. She gets this big goofy grin on her face.
I got a big chunk of cleaning done today. So tomorrow I can focus more on doing fun things with the kiddos. I got to go grocery shopping kid free! Yeah thank you Nick.
To do tomorrow:
1. Work on Christmas presents for parents (shhh top secret)
2. Take the kiddos to get pumpkins
3. Tackle laundry.....ugh I hate doing laundry
4. Watch private practice
5. Spend some time with the hubby

Monday, October 15, 2007

My first Blog!

I am finally getting connected to the blogging world. We have family and friends from all over the United States. I have been busy with Drew and Ella, working in the NICU and adjusting to pregnancy #3. This time around I haven't had hardly any morning sickness.....but I've been sooo tired. I'm wondering if with this one I'm going to have a boy. I had horrible morning sickness and adversions with Ella and very little with Drew. Miss Ella Bean is a walking and talking nut. That girl is too cute and too sweet. She has been saying uh.........oh to almost everything. Drew is my little sidekick. He is such a momma's boy. He wants to be so independent but still wants his B (blanket) and to be tucked in. The little joys in life. I should go to bed....I have quite the list of fun things to do tomorrow.
1. Clean the house.....again
2. Grocery shopping-need some fresh produce....craving fruits and veggies this time around
3. Entertain the kiddos...somehow....I need some creative craft ideas to do with a 1 year old and 3 year old any suggestions? Maybe we will bring out the playdough.