Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I love Bargains!

Oh I'm so excited.....I ended up ordering Ella some long sleeve shirts from oldnavy.com and ended up getting 16 shirts for $27.00 including shipping and they are shipped. I think it was some glitch in the system.....they came up at $1.25 a shirt and then an hour later I tried to add some more to the cart and they came up at $3.75.
Drew was a little handful today. It was one of those I don't want to listen to my mommy I'm going to whine all day days. I'm going to get him out of the house tomorrow and see if that helps a little. I really need to get out there and get him interacting with other kids.
Ella took two big naps today and also went to bed at a decent time. Ella spends her days trying to figure things out. She loves to color. Today she grabbed a coloring book and crayons and pulled herself up on my lap. We were going through the book and I pointed to the dog and she started pretending to bark. I taught her how to give high fives and she just loves that. She gets this big goofy grin on her face.
I got a big chunk of cleaning done today. So tomorrow I can focus more on doing fun things with the kiddos. I got to go grocery shopping kid free! Yeah thank you Nick.
To do tomorrow:
1. Work on Christmas presents for parents (shhh top secret)
2. Take the kiddos to get pumpkins
3. Tackle laundry.....ugh I hate doing laundry
4. Watch private practice
5. Spend some time with the hubby

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Janine said...

whoohoo! you're 2nd post... Congrats! Awe.. i'm a bloggin' buddy-- THX!