Thursday, October 25, 2007


So I had a doctor appointment on Monday and everything looked good. Baby's heart rate was 150. In 4 weeks we should be able to find out the sex. So of course a couple days after my appointment I start bleeding and cramping.....again. I am just about 15 weeks. I'm ready for the bleeding to be completely done with. I haven't had any for a month. My placenta is low lying so that's what the doctor thinks is causing it. I forced myself to take it easy today. That is a hard thing to do with Ella and Drew. For about 30 minutes I had them cuddling on the couch with me while we watched Blue's Clues. I think Ella likes all the music in that show. She loves music. She just dances and claps. Even to the clean up song. Speaking of clean up the in laws are coming over for supper so you know what that means......

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