Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Bargains....yeah!

I swear I should turn this into a bargain blog. I ended up getting a ton of pants and skirts for Ella at the Children's place for $2.99 each. And they are absolutely cute. I bought some and listed them on ebay. I really haven't listed any clothes on ebay so I thought I would give it a try. Drew was my little shopping partner today. He didn't enjoy it very much. He's a boy who would rather be diving off of furniture then helping mommy shop. I bribed him for a little bit with a caramel apple. Drew is a particular child. He has always had to have things a certain way. He has to be tucked in a certain way. His b first and then his remaining blankets. He has to have the door open and he always has to have a kiss and hug. If you forget he will remind you. You can't say put this in the garbage. He will correct you and say no mommy trash. That's because that is what daddy calls it. He is a neat kid. He doesn't really get Ella (that's why I had to buy inexpensive clothes for her). He doesn't like his hands dirty. He is a daredevil/sweetheart twirled into one. He is a good big brother....but when you are not watching he is trying wrestling moves on Ella. Yesterday I took them to see some animals at a local feed store and on the way home they were holding hands in the backseat. He is going to be a protector of his little sister.
Ella is getting quite the personality. If something doesn't go here way she lets out a high pitched girly scream. She is a sweetheart. If you tell her no....she will give you a kiss. She already knows how to pull heart strings. Today while I was trying to clean Ella was watching Blue's Clues.....she loves that show.
Ahhh....I have shows to watch. Grey's and ER. My Thursday night highlights! I work this whole weekend. Hopefully it will be sane. It's been so crazy there lately. Last weekend I took care of four babies that took were screamers. It was nice having a chunk of time off after taking care of them.

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